‘At 9:15 am Sunday 28 May 1967’ at Leila Heller Gallery, Dubai

A view of Reza Aramesh's installation at the exhibition “At 9:15 am Sunday 28 May 1967” at Leila Heller Gallery.
(Reza Aramesh)

“At 9:15 am Sunday 28 May 1967” by Reza Aramesh will be on view till January 4, 2017 at Leila Heller Gallery.

The exhibition features two bodies of sculptural work and continues upon Reza Aramesh’s interdisciplinary practice of representing the abjection of human bodies sustained during armed conflict and torture. Aramesh blends classical aesthetics with anonymous figures from the contemporary moment, thereby bringing to the fore the victims who have been rendered invisible, yet at the same time questioning the traditional representation of suffering throughout the Western art historical canon. While this reading of history has trained us to translate the suffering of iconic religious figures into martyrdom and therefore a noble calling, the overwhelming volume of mass media images of the everyday victims of war and violence has rendered us immune to these anonymous victims.

The exhibition is on view at I-87, Alserkal Avenue, PO Box 413991, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE.

For details, visit: www.leilahellergallery.com

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