‘The Unforgottens’ by Samira Alikhanzadeh at Assar Art Gallery, Tehran

The Unforgotten 2, Perspex, mirror and digital print on metal mesh, 50x58cm, 2016
(Courtesy Samira Alikhanzdaeh/ Assar Art Gallery)

‘The Unforgottens’ by Samira Alikhanzadeh runs through January 20, 2017 at Assar Art Gallery, Tehran.

This exhibition showcases latest collection of Samira Alikhanzdaeh’s works. The artist finds inspiration in old found photographs. She examines the fading quality of memory and visualizes her theme metaphorically by creating fading imagery. Her use of metal mesh as the base of her entire series gives her the opportunity to imply the transitory state she wants to portray as the figures on the mesh, like ghosts or memories, imply a vague state of being visible and non-visible. There are 19 different artworks to portray her idea of fading memory. In a dress made out of metal mesh, an installation of a standing woman, a pile of suitcases including image of a woman and her other works, she defocuses the portraits and highlights the objects as tools to remind us of the fading figures. Alikhanzadeh lives and works in Tehran where she regularly exhibits.

‘The Unforgottens’ exhibition runs through January 20, 2017 at Assar Art Gallery, 16 Barforushan Alley, Iranshahr St.,Karimkhan Zand St., 15836 Tehran-Iran.

For details, visit: www.assarartgallery.com

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